Why your bike choose titanium

If life was a journey, titanium will be your most loyal partner, regardless of a long, regardless of the bumpy, only titanium alloy can match the strong!

COMEPLAY titanium alloy bike frame has anti-fatigue performance that almost all other frame material cannot compare with, not only durable, but also can prevent loss of energy, the elastic can reduce the vibration from the road and make long distance cycling has become very comfortable. TI3AL2. 5Vtensile strength greater than 680 mp, it has a strong impact resistance and will not be broken even by a great impact. Titanium alloy bike frame’s texture light specific gravity is 4.51, our frame’s average weight is about 1400 g, it will be the real travel light in your ride.

If one day, your memory mottled, it is still true colors, only titanium alloy can witness the path from the beginning to the end, shining in your memory!

COMEPLAY titanium alloy bike frame with good corrosion resistance, and will not be corrosion in natural environment, usually our frame’s surface treatment iselaborate hand drawing.

If you are a stable low noble knights, you dont have to choose, only the titanium alloy is suitable for you!

COMEPLAY titanium alloy bike frame can reflect the metal frame color more low-key luxurious texture, naked color, no need to hide, step on the hall of elegance!


About the custom

Every rider has the right to choose his bike frame in one is the highest realm. We have professional designers, can be customized for each rider, join COMEPLAY to customize a unique high quality titanium bike frame.

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